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Shopping Centres in South Hamburg

Außenansicht Phoenix Center

Many locals, who live north of the river Elbe - ie in the City, in Altona, Eppendorf, and how all the other parts of the Hanseatic City - do not come very often to the southern part of the city. An important reason for that is, that the city area of Hamburg is divided geographically: The Elbe river seperates the southern from the northern part.

The northern part has developed to the center of politics, tourism, economy, culture and sports. The southern part, however, offers mostly older industrial space use and above all the living quarters. So it is understandable that the "internal stream of visitors" of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg runs from the south to north rather than run the other way around.

Yet we do not want to deny all interested parties the southern part of the town and here especially the "Phoenix Center" in Harburg.

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