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Floh-Schanze (Flea Market)

Flea Market Dom, Millerntor, Karolinenviertel - The Flea Market "Flohschanze" already is a particularly charming flea market just because of its location.

Art & clutter in Hamburg: Flea market Flohschanze

Antiques, treasure hunters, young couples, families - all of that you can find there, every Saturday from 8 am til 4 pm on one of Hamburg's most popular flea markets. And the early bird catches the worm - the proverb says, and here it is true and worth getting up early. Especially, because early an the day you still can stroll comfortably through the market.

Everything seems to exist

Directly vis-à-vis of the subway station "Feldstraße" (line U3) the heart of Hamburg begins to pulsate - this is the first impression visitors get when they come to the entrance of the flea market.

Used bicycles, clothes, furniture from different decades, car batteries - there is nothing that does not exist. In this colorful jumble of different languages​​, laughter, smells and sounds you quickly start breathing an oriental bazaar atmosphere, although there may be missing the typical orientalhaggling sometimes.

Even some culinary is offered. Portuguese specialtity and German cuisine in the various restaurants and snack stations on the market (and the area around!) ensure the physical well-being. And after a good meal? Just fall back in the convivial ado!


For anyone looking for something more, maybe clothes, home furnishings or a tattoo is recommended to visit the Marktstraße. This street is located right next to the flea market and can not be missed. In the individual stores you get brand-name products at low price and a bargain or two can be found in extensive browsing. Even otherwise, a stroll through the so-called "Karoviertel", of which the Marktstraße marks the beginning, can be a very good idea.

Even more big and small trendy boutiques, restaurants and coffee bars, you will find in the Schanzenviertel (Schanzenstraße / Susannenstraße / Schulterblatt). This trendy corner is located within walking distance from the flea market (5 minutes to walk). So, for all: enjoy Saturday morning out of bed - you just have to get up early enough!


Every Saturday from 8 am til 4 pm

Bus & Rail:

Vis-à-vis of the station "Feldstraße" (line U3)


Better do not take the car...

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